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True Commitment

Welcome! The team at MY TrueCloud is committed to providing a partnership that our customers can count on to help them compete in a global market. To accomplish this, we are focused on developing cutting-edge technology that changes the paradigm on how businesses conduct their day-to-day activities. MTC combines state of the art secure cloud-computing and mobile technologies into our solutions; we are committed to providing our customers an advance secure collaboration platform like no other in the market.

True Solutions

Effective internal and external communication, managing vast amounts of documents and data and conducting business anywhere, any time and on any device is a complex process. We are constantly working hard to develop solutions that make these complex processes simple so our customers can focus on what they do best – building their businesses. MTC is committed to being a technology leader that addresses the challenges impacting our customers while providing the most secure mobile cloud solutions in the industry.

True Secure Collaboration

In today’s global environment we find employees, partners and consultants working outside the traditional workspace. Due to the lack of data privacy and non-compliance with government regulations (such as HIPAA and SOX), companies are hindered in fully deploying mobile technology. MTC offers the only above military-grade secure collaboration suite that can satisfy these unique requirements. Our goal is to replace the traditional office with a fully-functional collaborative, secure mobile office suite providing CRM, document management, project management, e-campaigns, social business, web conferencing, file sharing and 2-Factor Authentication/Virtual Private Network Tunneling. We provide true secure solutions that take the mobile office to the next level.

True Partners

MTC strives to be a Partner that is open, honest, and accountable to each of our customers. How do we interact with customers? How do we deliver and price our solutions? In today’s high technology environment, many discount the importance of these questions believing technology is the only thing that matters. We feel that having true partnerships with our customers needs to be the heart and soul of our company. How are we different? First, we provide industry-specific roles so customers can get the functionality they require, not useless modules that don’t meet their needs. Second, no long term contracts mandated, we provide a variety of contracts that allow customers to work with us in a manner that suits their needs. Third, our customers own their own data – we do not hold your data hostage. Lastly, we offer data and file storage space at a fair price. As you search for solutions and examine the companies behind those solutions, you will find that our approach is different. You have our 100% commitment to your satisfaction and making it easy to do business with us, that is what a trusted Partner does. Give us a call; we look forward to working with you providing True Solutions you need! online casino games for fun

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