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True Secure Cloud Collaboration - Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device


Document Management System (DMS) For Accounting Professionals

My TrueCloud provides a complete, true Cloud document management and repository solution allowing instant and secure access to files and documents anywhere, anytime, using any device.

Secure Document and Folder Access and Exchange

View, Upload and Download documents and folders with ease via a secured cloud transmission. Our Version Control and Transaction History allows you to manage all information and users. Our HTML Viewer allows you to review any document in any format. Preview files with Quick Look before opening them. Convert documents to PDF on the fly. Package includes MTC’s File Drop Box feature.

Advanced Search Techniques and Tag Clouds

Assigns a Document ID and Meta-tag to each document for easy access. Search based on Criteria or Key Words. Manage Saved Searches and Index New Documents in a unique user specific Dropped Document Folder.

Document and User Access Control

Copy, Move, Archive, Delete and Change Ownership of Documents and Folders. Bulk Upload and Download features allow you to transfer and exchange large folders and files. Delegated Management and Permission rights provide access control for all users and groups.

Work-Flow and Collaborate

Create Discussions and Workflow Documents between users. Checkout the document for personal review and editing, or sequence individuals to review and edit documents.

Data Ownership

You own your data. If stored on our servers, you can download your files at anytime without restriction.


Monthly Subscription License with Unlimited Users.

MY TrueCloud – Solutions for the Accounting Profession

Every day, a big part of your job is gathering your clients’ information and talking with them to understand the content. You understand the less stressful you make the process, the happier your clients will be. Ultimately, the better the information-gathering, the higher the quality of services provided. Less stress and great services result in a long-term relationship.

So, ask yourself these questions:
  • Is my information gathering process efficient for my client and for me?
  • Do I sometimes lose track of what was actually received from my client?
  • How easy is it for me to locate client documents?
  • When I have questions, am I communicating with my client in the best possible way?
  • Am I making it easier for my clients to work with me?
  • Am I comfortable with securing my clients’ information in the best possible way to remain compliant with IRS requirements (the “IRS Preparer Compliance Initiative” – you might have already received this letter)?

If you feel like some improvement can be made in any of these areas, then MY TrueCloud has a solution at a very affordable monthly price for you. We offer the only collaboration solution in the market that is built on a Military-Grade Secured Platform that unites a forensic-driven Document Management System, seamless Web-Conferencing/Video and powerful Drag and Drop File Sharing technology. The combination of these solutions will bring these significant benefits:

  • Documents are transmitted over a military-grade secure internet tunnel to ensure all data is secure to comply with IRS and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act.
  • Documents are shared with 2 simple clicks over the internet, immediate receipt notification via your phone and/or tablet is sent to you, and the document goes right into our document system.
  • Every action taken with a document (who looked at it, when it was changed, what was changed, etc.) is being tracked so you have a forensic audit trail to ensure information is properly managed.
  • Free web conferences (yes, no phone, webinar or phone costs) can be held with your clients using an electronic whiteboard to discuss and review critical issues.
  • No matter where you are, you can use your mobile device to be your mobile office to review documents, hold conference calls and work on documents ¨C your mobile device is a true office.

MTC provides a Document Management System (DMS) for Accounting and CPA Firms. DMS streamlines business processes, improves customer service, reduces costs, and helps ensure compliance with federal regulatory laws.

Accounting and CPA Firms are paper intensive environments that need to reduce costs, increase service levels and operational efficiencies, and also comply with various regulatory laws. Such regulatory laws include Graham-Leach-Bliley, SEC 17a-3 and 17a-4, The Patriot Act, Sarbanes-Oxley sections 302 and 404 for public companies, IRS Rev. Proc. 97-22 and NASD 3010 & NYSE 342.

DMS Benefits Include:
  • Establish a central repository with access security privileges assigned
  • Automate business processes and route documents and files for further action
  • Apply retention rules to documents to save on data storage and comply with regulations
  • Review Audit trails for user and document activity performed in the system
  • Facilitate collaboration from remote sites by providing online access to information and resources
  • Provide complete document security and disaster recovery
  • Reduction of paper, copy and storage costs
  • Print, email, and fax right from DMS without the need for the native application which saves on license costs
  • Create annotations, revisions and versions to reliably retrieve current and historical information and prove its authenticity
  • Improve Compliance with federal regulations in document storage and retrieval
  • Provide online access of information and resources to branch offices, remote workers, partners, and vendors


  • Establish individual user access rules and rights
  • Edit user settings, views, and layouts quickly in a single location
  • Easily customize Dashboards, Reports, Graphs and the Sales Stage Process at the User, Department and Administrator level
  • Customize the application in Studio to meet the exact needs of your organization
  • Create custom modules in Module Builder
  • Convert data from, ACT! and Goldmine with the click of a button.

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