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Banking / Financial Services

Achieve Federal Compliance 

Banking professionals face numerous operational challenges; from maintaining federal regulatory compliance to employing advanced security procedures for the protection of their customers data. Whether it’s SEC oversight, FINRA compliance or Sarbanes-Oxley reporting, maintaining control over financial data is critical. Accurate and up-to-date customer records and documentation are critical to not only surviving, but succeeding in today’s dynamic business climate. Financial organizations must employ innovative technologies that will improve operational efficiencies, while demonstrating a proven return on investment.

MTC’s Document Management System (DMS)

Compliant file sharing of confidential documents is an important requirement in the Financial Industry.
Banking & Financial Services require integrated electronic document management solutions that enable enterprise-wide access to and management of business critical data. Intelligent document search and retrieval tools ensure rapid customer response time and informed document delivery. With a single click, you’ll work quicker, smarter and more collaboratively all in a Secured Domain.

All financial services need a reliable way to share confidential documents such as customer personal information, customer activity reports and cash flow statements. Traditional methods of sharing files over email, FTP and USB drive are wrought with security problems, and often run the risk of violating SEC regulations. DMS offers companies a secure and compliance-focused platform to share files of any type and size. DMS enables users to create shared, permission-based folders, which serve as protected access points for collaboration. DMS also provides the ability to share specific files by creating links with the option to set file expiration dates and recipient open notifications; while administrators have the ability to monitor and wipe any outstanding file links.

Complete control and visibility

Financial service employees don’t always have online access to their files, but saving company data such as client account information on personal laptops or mobile devices can compromise confidential data. MTC addresses the security needs of financial companies by providing complete control over folder access and real-time visibility on all user activity. Administrators can deactivate user accounts as needed (e.g. when an employee leaves the company) as well as assign and revoke permissions on any folder. MTC also provides administrators with a rich set of controls such as trash retention policy, audit reports, file versioning, link controls, shared folder notifications, and desktop sync enablement. MTC provided your business with complete data transparency when employees are working on case files.

Better Work Flow for Maximum Efficiency

Compiling and managing a customer loan file is very time consuming and document centric process. You have to organize and manage considerable amounts of documents and correspondence contained in a customer loan file. Credit reports, applications, signature cards, administrative documents and correspondence. Multiple users (often in separate locations) require access to the same information. Intuitive tools enable multiple users to view, update and make decisions on important documents simultaneously – creating a more efficient processing environment. Advanced search queries deliver documents to your desktop in just seconds. Folder and document permissions structure allow you to collaborate with your team members with ease without sacrificing confidentiality or security.

Secure file access with enforced folder permissions

Remote file access is a necessity for many financial service employees, but access beyond the firewall using traditional VPN systems can be cumbersome. MTC DMS solves that problem by offering secure online file access with enforced user authentication and folder permissions. No matter what location or access method (web browser, mapped drive, secure FTP, desktop sync, mobile/tablet app) employees are always authenticated using company specific authentication policies. By using MTC’s secure mobile collaboration platform businesses are able to provide file access to employees across multiple remote offices while maintaining permission control with centralized administration.

State of the Art Security

The financial services and banking industries play a critical role in the economy and the sensitive data they manage requires the highest standards for digital storage security. DMS provides a secure, centralized, electronic repository for capture, management and protection of critical documents to preserve the security and confidentiality of customer information. MTC offers multiple levels of security including typical one factor authentication with user name and password, mobile text, e-token and our new industry first, token-less 2 Factor Authentication.

Secure online storage and recovery

Banks and financial businesses require the most secure repositories for storing their critical business data. That data storage must be protected at all stages, ensuring SEC record keeping and bank regulation compliance. By using DMS companies get a FINRA compliant online storage solution with complete end-to-end data protection. From the end user perspective, employees are always authenticated using their centrally administered credentials and only given access to the folders they have permissions to. All data is completely encrypted during transmission, providing full protection throughout the entire communication process. MTC’s SAS 70 Type III compliant data centers provide redundant storage across multiple locations, allowing for maximum data up-time and availability. This also provides businesses with a data recovery plan, ensuring all files and past versions of files can be retrieved at any time without disruption to business.