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Consulting Services

The old adage “Practice Makes Perfect” applies to MTC’s deep domain expertise

MTC has been providing secure collaboration solutions for many years. We have addressed many of the business and technical issues unique to data privacy, mobility and integration with 3rd party solutions. We are confident that MTC delivers the most effective and easy to use out-of-the-box solutions. Also, our customers have access to MTC tools that can allow them to customize their own solution. However, if you require more of our expertise and deep knowledge, the following are some areas where MTC can help:

  • Ensure IT compliance with HIPAA, GLBA and SOX regulations
  • Develop processes to effectively digitize existing paper documents to eliminate the need to maintain hard-copy files (a looming requirement for many industries)
  • Establish data security procedures based on your company’s policies and IT infrastructure to maximize data privacy and document management controls to secure critical information
  • Develop a mobile configuration template based on your company’s procedures, workflow and hardware to create a mobile office using any tablet to empower your mobile users
  • Mapping data fields, working with 3rd Party API’s and developing data connectors to transfer data to and from 3rd Party applications
  • Test the security of your corporate network (yes, thinking like Hackers)

When you need our services, we have the internal resources and expert channel partners that can come in and bring immediate value to your organization. If you are interested in discussing your particulars and receiving a services quote, please email us at