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Drag & Drop


Businesses have done a great job of creating vast repositories of data files. However, creating files is only half of the job.  Sharing the information within your organization is just as important, and for many businesses, is still performed manually.   MTC’s unique Drag & Drop is a very powerful yet simple to use solution that ensures secure transfer of sensitive files to those that need them.  The technical complexity of securing file transfers over the cloud is an issue that MTC’s proprietary technology has uniquely addressed to ensure data privacy is achieved.  With a few simple clicks, files can be transferred from different databases across servers and browsers, while enforcing compliance with corporate policies and government privacy regulations. If you have files coming from outside the organization (from customers or partners), simply set-up a secure folder that gives you complete visibility of the files coming in and out with full notification and forensic monitoring. Drag & Drop is an excellent stand-alone solution, and when coupled with MTC’s MY Document solution, creates one of the strongest offerings in the market. Below is the functionality that makes Drag & Drop a productivity tool that can benefit any business:

• Drag and drop files between servers, your PC, Tablet or Smart Phone using easily accessible bookmarks. Edit files and then return them.

• Quickly preview files before opening or transferring them (requires Windows 7).

• Authorize access, viewing and transfer rights of files.

• Transfer large folder structures in one step.

• Establish automatic or on-demand synchronization between your local device and remote directories ( & vice versa).

• Recipients receive email notification when a file has been transferred to them.

• Synchronize to Google Docs and Amazon Cloud front.

• Integrates 2-factor authentication.  Supports public key authentication, Keyboard Interactive (PAM) Authentication, various encryption ciphers (3DES, Blowhish, Twofish, AES, CAST) and Authentication algorithms (MD5, SHA1).