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Invisible Cloud Token

Token-less 2 Factor Authentication That Turns your Browser into a Virtual Token

MY TrueCloud’s Invisible Cloud-Token uses proprietary technology to deliver the industries only token-less solution that delivers proprietary 2-Factor Authentication security via the Cloud and the users’ browser eliminating the need for a physical token.
Invisible Cloud-Token (above military-grade) addresses the 2 biggest concerns with company’s adopting 2-Factor Authentication security – end-user adoption and high-costs. MTC’s proprietary algorithms empower the browser to manage the process of One Time Passwords (OTPs) totally invisible to the end-user – adoption is automatic. Also, with no need to have to deploy physical tokens, companies can realize significant savings using a 100% cloud technology.

Invisible Cloud-Token is a true game changer.  It sets a new industry standard for secure SaaS platforms in a Mobile world.  Invisible Cloud-Token combined with MTC’s advance cloud based collaboration platform provides the industry’s only secure token-less solution suite for companies pursuing a mobile strategy. Based on our years of research and development and listening to our customers, Invisible Cloud-Token allows for cost-effective mobile deployment across the enterprise.

Eliminates the need for Physical Tokens

Data privacy concerns must be addressed before companies can fully take advantage of mobile technology. Passwords offer only single factor authentication and are relatively easy to breach.  2 Factor Authentication using Hardware Tokens in various forms have been introduced to mitigate the real threat of password theft.  However, Hardware Tokens are expensive to deploy and are easily forgotten.  Invisible Cloud-Token solves these problems by providing a unique, on-demand solution with the strength of both passwords and tokens without the disadvantages of low security and high deployment costs of physical tokens.  

Invisible Cloud-Token is a completely web based two factor Authentication method which requires a SSL/VPN portal.  You can use your existing VPN, or purchase MTC’s SSL/VPN with proprietary tunneling technology that optimizes MTC’s token-less technology.  Your browser is enrolled when used for the first time with a technology that seamlessly configures your browser and integrates a OTP-token into it.  A SMS OTP seed is placed in the browser and the next time authentication occurs, a script automatically generates and sends a OTP.  Invisible Cloud-Token utilizes a proprietary algorithm that completely removes the SMS OTP seed to prevent the possibility of hackers reverse-engineering the authentication code to gain unauthorized access.

State of the Art Next Generation Technology

MY TrueCloud is a secure mobile cloud platform that addresses the key issues of data privacy and costs of mobile deployment.  The key benefits of Invisible Cloud-Token 2 Factor Authentication are low cost, ease of deployment, convenience and state of the art next generation security.  Invisible Cloud-Token is based on industry standards; it uses HTML5 and OATH, runs on any platform that is HTML5 enabled, including Windows Desktop, Android, Blackberry, Java ME and iOS Devices.  It is based on HTML5 and transforms your browser into an OTP-token that is independent of the platform you are using.  End users can continue to use password-based authentication and existing passwords in directories such as LDAP or Active Directory.