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MY Documents Litigation Tools For e-Discovery


When to Use MY Documents Litigation Tools for Live Discovery

When your needs outpace your resources or multiple parties want a neutral platform, MY Documents will provide you a simple solution to complex litigation. Access your case anywhere, anytime using Internet Explorer along with any Internet connection.

The essential tenants of our hosting service focus on core values of security, collaboration, speed, and ease-of-use. The SQL-based infrastructure is robust and reliable. The interface is clean and uncomplicated so you can focus on the review itself.


MY Documents is ideal for large or small scale discovery – Electronically Stored Information (ESI), scanned documents, transcripts, and work product.

Electronic Discovery:

Whether you require preservation, collection, or forensics, MY Documents can work with you. We will consult and devise strategies to take the overwhelming volume of ESI and shrink it, so you spend fewer hours reviewing online and lessen the associated costs.


Use built-in petrifaction and production tools to complete the course of the review, or leverage our services to do this for you.

Workflow Tools:

Automatic allocation of document sets, foldering, and saved searches (personal and shared) allow you to parse out and organize your review in an organic and flexible manner.

Security and Collaboration:

Your material is safe and secure. This applies to physical data, it’s transmission to you via the Internet, and the roles, rights, and access assigned to each person accessing your case. My Documents used in conjunction with My Security will provide the security and forensics to ensure your company knows exactly what is happening with your data.   My TrueCloud has developed a proprietary solution using 2-Factor Authentication with SSL Virtual Private Network Tunneling to create an easy to deploy Token-less (an industry first) above military grade security solution. Click here for more information on our new Invisible Cloud Token Technology.  There are simply no collaboration vendors today, other than MTC, who can deliver this level of security.  Industries that handle highly sensitive cannot accept anything less than MTC’s above military-grade security.

Ease of Use:

The MY Documents interface is clean and uncomplicated so you can focus on the review itself.

Project Management:

Your dedicated project managers come from the legal industry and understand your needs and urgency. If we have done our jobs well, you will be freed to dedicate your talent to the content of your case, rather than the mechanics of the hosting tool. You can depend on MY Documents whether you have a massive project to harvest, review, and produce ¨C as native files and email, or if you are a participant in any multi-party litigation requiring distinct access for each party involved.