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Achieve Compliance and Peace of Mind with Strong 2 Factor Authentication

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Data privacy is noted by CIO’s as the single biggest reason for not adopting cloud and mobile solutions.   My Security used in conjunction with My Documents will provide the security and forensics to ensure your company knows exactly what is happening with your data.  My Security can be purchased as a stand alone system (same new technology being introduced into Credit Card security today) or with any of MTC’s  collaborative solutions.

My TrueCloud has developed a proprietary solution using 2-Factor Authentication with SSL Virtual Private Network Tunneling to create an easy to deploy Token-less (an industry first) above military grade security solution. Time Password provides the additional advantage for customers using MTC’s VPN by turning each device’s browser into a Token thus eliminating the need to carry a physical token and re-key the One-Time Password each time. Thus, gaining ease of use without sacrificing security.

Click here for more information on our new Invisible Cloud Token Technology.

There are simply no collaboration vendors today, other than MTC, who can deliver this level of security.  Industries that handle patient information, customer financial information, confidential HR information and highly sensitive intellectual property cannot accept anything less than above military-grade security.

There are three levels of comprehensive security offerings and they can be invoked through eight different (2 hard token, 5 soft token and 1 token-less browser based) access methods:

1. Strong-  which is a 2 Factor Authentication

2. Professional – which is 2 Factor Authentication + SSL/VPN + Firewall

3. Enterprise – which is 2 Factor Authentication + SSL/VPN + Firewall +Single Sign On + End-point Security

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System requirements: Any PC and Android Device. (New, iOS coming soon). Set up required after purchase.

Please contact support with your phone number and six digit numeric PIN number and we will send you a confirmation that you will need to seed the eToken with. This is only used if you require a 2 Factor Authentication methodology. Click here for support contact.


MTC’s security solutions are ideal for any organization that must meet high Federal regulatory standards (such as HIPAA, SOX and GLBA) regarding data privacy and documentation.


Below are highlights of MY Security unique functionality:


  • 2-Factor Authentication utilizes 2 forms of unique identification (an Individuals password and a unique One-Time Password) during the sign-in process to insure users are who they claim to be.
  • One-Time Passwords can be sent via Mobile Text, email Notification and e-Token apps for all SmartPhones and Tablets.
  • SSL VPN Tunneling utilizes proprietary algorithms to establish an AES encrypted network link providing true entry-to-exit security.
  • Access Rules by individual users to minimizes rogue employee mal-use.
  • System Diagnostics to monitor what applications and release levels are on each device to ensure compliance each time a transmission is established.
  • Unique Digital Certificate is assigned to each company account.
  • Active Directory or LDAP Link that allows for automatic bulk registration.
  • Forensic Monitoring to capture real-time transmission data (who, what and when) and provides security audits and logs.