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Communicate, Collaborate and Share in a Mobile World

Companies are turning to social business solutions to harness the creativity and knowledge of their collective team. Many employees are working remotely so the ability to have the traditional hallway discussion is not possible. Companies are now fostering open communications by using social software to promote open, interactive discussion in a less structured way to allow for the free-flow of ideas, questions, and business solutions. This approach creates a spontaneous environment that does not get bogged down in lengthy email chains, time lags or isolated discussions. On an ad-hoc basis, experienced partners and important customers can be included in the on-line dialogue. The benefits are improved productivity, greater focus and greater sense of community. Also, products and services tend to go through better market validation which results in quicker time to market with more relevant offerings. MY Social can accomplish all of this and more. In addition, MY Social can be established in an above military-grade secure environment to ensure confidential discussions are kept confidential. Our social business solution can be deployed as a stand alone offering or as an integrated solution with our DMS, Web-Conferencing and/or Security modules.

Below are highlights of MY Social unique functionality:
  • Instant Messaging to improve team efficiency.
  • Chat to encourage cross-functional collaboration.
  • Content Syndication to consolidate external third-party information sources such as the internet.
  • Private Wikis allowing communal development of a company’s knowledge base and key initiatives.
  • Integrated Social Media enabling communication through LinkedIn.
  • Link and Sync with your email, Google & Outlook calendars. Seamlessly access your documents, client agreements, presentations and worksheets that reside on our Customer Document Management.
  • Company Portal to create a central repository and communication hub to ensure the entire organization is sharing and working with the same information to eliminate confusion.
  • Capture and Save the dialogue being produced from your various channel of Social Business to ensure proper documentation is being maintained for policy and compliance purposes.