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My True Cloud’s new product My Documents (DMS) vs. SharePoint

My True Cloud’s new product My Documents (DMS) is written for today’s world. Powerful, incredibly flexible, intuitive and Secured with Direct Authenticator Secure Remote Access (Clientless SSL Access with Two-Factor Authentication Processing).

So what’s so good about My True Cloud My Documents and why choose this over SharePoint?

Here is a Brief Feature Comparison – SharePoint vs. My True Cloud / My Documents (DMS)
Both products share the ability to manage the publication of documents. Who reads them, who can change them and who can publish new ones? Both can have groups of users assigned, too.

SharePoint betrays its local server background by requiring Active Directory hooks. This can be a management and administration headache. My True Cloud My Documents with its Expert Development roots has no such restrictions.

But the biggest difference is deployment overhead. SharePoint deployments reflect the cost and complexity of its close integration with the rest of the Windows Server, SQL Server and Active Directory family with all the licensing and overhead that implies.

On the other hand, My True Cloud My Documents with its own integrated database and web server, incurs no associated hardware, software or licensing cost. Yet with so little complexity, it still works closely with Microsoft Office and Explorer.

My True Cloud My Documents as we’ve come to expect from My True Cloud, is feature rich. It has features you would want to use, developed from a diverse pool of real world experience, rather than by an isolated lab hidden in the rarefied confines of the Redmond campus.

This insistence on gimmicky, seldom used features is often Microsoft’s downfall, reflecting more their marketing departments wish rather than what businesses really want.

In particular, My True Cloud My Documents understands the danger and frustration caused by accidental document deletions and overwrites, so these vital user controls are so much stronger in My True Cloud My Documents than SharePoint.

Both products run on Windows, but My True Cloud My Documents is available for Linux, UNIX and Mac OS X platforms as well. Ideal for Corporations who won’t put Microsoft products into their Internet space.
Client-side, again My True Cloud My Documents supports all the popular browsers, like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari. This platform independence is critical for collaborative environments where there is no common platform.

Collaboration – A true Internet Solution?

It’s sad to see so many large Corporations not considering deploying remotely hosted or Software as a Service solutions, citing security concerns. I would rather have a remote, indirectly connected network compromised and suffer limited exposure than have my corporate environment attacked and have everything then exposed. Crazy.

Both SharePoint and My True Cloud My Documents are available as remotely hosted solutions, so you get the benefit without the complexity and security overhead of locally hosted server farms. However, a yawning chasm opens up when comparing the two product costs.

SharePoint has complex storage requirements and these costs will always be passed on to subscribers. Additionally, storage offerings for SharePoint are invariably far more limited, negating the collaboration value.

Because of its reduced deployment complexity, My True Cloud My Documents when offered as a software service (SaaS) is able to provide far more storage space and at a far lower cost than a comparable SharePoint solution.

Ease of integration and user experience

Because you have no control over the level of expertise of your collaborative partners, ease of use is of paramount concern. From a client’s point of view, Microsoft’s SharePoint set the standard as it was quickly learnt and accessible.

My True Cloud My Documents has picked up that baton and run a lot further. While SharePoint seemed easy, with no corporate line to tow and no family look and feel to maintain, My True Cloud My Documents is somehow more intuitive and Secured with Direct Authenticator!

And the Downside?

In truth, I’m struggling here to find something bad to say about My True Cloud My Documents, other than pick them up on their semantics. My True Cloud My Documents is offered as a “small to medium-sized business” solution
Corporations may go for the “enterprise” tag of the Microsoft product, but companies of say 50,000 people have comparatively few who need to share the same information silo. Given that, a My True Cloud My Documents deployment would sit happily in such a space.

This is borne out by companies like Convergent, who got their My True Cloud My Documents solution up and running in only two hours. Try doing that with SharePoint!

The bottom line is that My True Cloud My Documents provides a rich collaborative experience for your partners or employees. And you won’t have to employ an army of Microsoft Certified Professionals, re-mortgage the house or sell your children to do it. My True Cloud My Documents is also much more secure and can comply Corporations to Federal Compliancy Acts via the ground breaking Remote Access Two-Factor Authentication Methodology of Direct Authenticator!

But with both products now mature, the choice is yours. I know which I’d go for!

Jonathan Balzora
Chief Technology Officer
Integrity Data Applications Corporation

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