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1. What is SaaS or Cloud Computing?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is also referred to as On-Demand, which is delivery model of software and related services where an application provider hosts and manages a software solution, licenses it on a subscription basis, and users access it via the Internet.


2. Who owns the Data?

The data is yours we do not own your data or hold it hostage. We will make it available to you once your subscription ends and you no longer wish to use our products.


3. How do we manage customizations and real time interfaces with on premise systems?

Our products have a published API and a Studio Function that make it easy for you to customize the product.


4. As needs change can you move your products and solution on premise?

Either you can host it or we can.


5. How does pricing work?

We are based on a subscription model with no contracts and you pay as you go. This means that you have an unprecedented ability to control your costs while giving you tremendous ROI results and for most these fees can come right out of existing budgets.


6. How long does it take to implement your products?

It really depends on the type of products you are purchasing and what you are looking to do. Typical implementations occur within hours to about 6 weeks all depending on the size, the database and customization you may require.


7. What about system availability?

We guarantee 99.7% system uptime, excluding scheduled maintenance times. We have three locations ensuring 24X7X365 support and oversight, with daily backups and fail over capabilities.


8. What about software upgrades?

Upgrades are based on your schedule, we let you know that they are available and you upgrade when it is in your best interest.


9. Do you sell through partners?

We sell through VARs, Alliances and directly. You can choose someone with expertise in your vertical and local to you that can provide support for your business.


10. What is your response time?

It is usually within 5 minutes of a notification to a problem.


11. What devices does your system work on?

We can work with any device.


12. Does your ERP system have an accounting package?

Yes, we have a robust accounting package integrated into the system at no additional charge.


13. What type of security do you have with the system?

We have a 2 factor strong authentication security system on the market today. We set up a SSL/VPN tunnel and we take the 3 DES 256 bit encrypted data, encapsulate it with our proprietary security wrapper to protect the transmission.


14. How do you stack up with other companies?

We are built for the web. We have a comprehensive suite of products that can be integrated and used seamlessly or we can take your existing products and with our security protect them.

Our other products include: e-commerce (includes POS with a rewards program), CRM (with e-mail marketing), Document Management System (with advanced drag and drop and work flow processes), Accounting and Web Conferencing all secured by our 2 factor authentication process with 8 options to choose from. No one in the industry has this capability. With our subscription based pricing the ROI is something your CFO will be impressed with.


15. What is SAS 70 Certification?

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) developed the Statement on Auditing Standards No. 70 (SAS 70) certification to validate that a company has been through an in-depth audit of their control processes. SAS 70 II is a detailed audit that shows prospective and current customers that the organization has been thoroughly checked and deemed to have satisfactory controls and safeguards in place either when hosting or processing information.




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