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Training Services

As with anything new, there is a learning / transition period

We have found that customers that invest (mainly time) in training before, during and after the implementation will achieve the highest level of success, acceptance and adoption by the users of MTC. As with anything new, there is a transition period and with software, transition is critical. Most individuals like to study before taking the big test (yes, there are a few of you who were A students cramming the night before). If well-planned training is not done prior to going live, your people are going to be asked to jump in while dealing with the day-to-day pressures. The typical result of this approach is extreme frustration and bigger operational issues arising than would normally occur. MTC wants to make the experience of adopting our solutions as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We have provided the following training tools to assist you:

  • Training Manuals – Gives good insight into the functionality found in each module and lays a solid general foundation for more hands-on training (part of your monthly subscription). Follow this link to a list of available Training Manuals.
  • Training Videos – Hands-on training that should be taken during and post implementation to ensure users are comfortable with key processes, features and role-specific functionality. In most cases, the combination of training video and training manuals will be sufficient to get your team effectively using MTC solutions (part of your monthly subscription). Follow this link to list of available Training Videos.
  • Virtual Training – Advance training courses are offered via the web for up to 14 users that want more hands-on training related to specific modules. Focus is on the more complex areas of each module with time devoted to answering some company specific issues. However, company’s that would prefer to have a tailored program, our training team will work with you to create the appropriate program, which can later be used to train new employees. This approach reduces an employee’s start-up time, makes them more efficient and more comfortable with the solutions.
  • On-Site Training – A custom tailored training program that is delivered to your entire team on-site. Best used if a company wants all users in one location to encourage discussion and collaboration as part of the course program.

MTC will continue to focus on providing a comprehensive training program, so we would like to hear your feedback.