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MY TrueCloud sets the standard for Cloud collaboration solutions. Our applications provide secure mobile solutions for today’s complex global business environment.

As you look for ways to securely incorporate social, mobile, and open practices into your daily operations, consider MY TrueCloud as a key partner in the transformation of your business. Using our collaboration tools, you will be able to seamlessly and safely share data and resources from across the room and around the world.

MY TrueCloud is a state of the art, secure and integrated collaborative business solution with features benefits previously unheard of. There’s no hardware or software to install or upgrade. No lengthy training and no unexpected costs.

With MY TrueCloud, you can say goodbye to your information bottleneck, to endless piles of paper, and wasted time looking for important documents. The next generation of secure, True Cloud collaboration is here now.

According to Wikipedia, Collaboration is “where two or more people or organizations work together to realize shared goals”. Therefore, to achieve True Organization Collaboration, a company needs a collaboration platform that not only provides the essential functionality required by each group/team but allows the combined groups/teams to effectively share information and ideas to realize shared goals. MTC is the only company that offers the broadest breath of collaboration applications that can help all functional groups – sales, marketing, support, R&D, consulting, project management and F&A.

Below are some ways MTC’s solutions can create organizational synergy:

  • Sales are engaged with a new account (MY SalesArsenal CRM) and the prospect has product questions. Sales pulls information off the company’s portal (MY Social) to answer the questions.
  • Presales are engaged in a customer demo (MY Web Conferences) but customer wants to view additional functionality. Presales immediately bring on to the conference call (MY Web Conferences) the domain expert to demo the product live.
  • Product Management and Development are working on a new product, but are physically in 2 different locations. The two teams share ideas using an electronic white board (MY Web Conferences), share documents and down-load 3rd party information (MY Documents) and update project status (Projects) all done in a secure environment (MY Security).
  • A new product is being released, and Marketing runs a specific email campaign targeting a specific customer profile identified by Sales (MY Campaigns) and a special webinar (MY Web Conferences).
  • A customer is disputing a services bill, so F&A routes a workflow request with documentation to Consulting (Drag & Drop) to get the necessary feedback.

When your organization can work seamlessly together, then you have created an environment where creativity, focus and control can co-exist to accomplish shared goals that benefit your customers and your company. MTC is confident that our collaboration platform has the flexibility and product depth to create a new way your organization works together.