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Companies needing to comply with HIPAA, SOX or GLBA regulations understand the complexities of applying the regulations and the associated costs. It is estimated that entities will annually budget $100K to $1M to comply with industry or government mandated regulations and, this is not counting the stiff penalties imposed for violations and the loss of a good reputation. Key provisions always focus on Data Privacy and Documentation and the protection, management and tracking of this information. Today, many are applying manual processes to comply. The “Next Frontier” is the Automation of Compliance. Not just one-off fixes for given functions but a comprehensive platform that unites all of the elements into a single solution. This is the game-changing technology that MTC has today.

Here are the solutions that MTC’s holistic approach differentiates itself:

  • 2-Factor Authentication coupled with advance SSL Virtual Private Network tunneling technology to ensure only authorized personnel can access certain data from anywhere. We offer both token based as well as Invisible Cloud-Token, our proprietary token-less 2 factor authentication.
  • Advance documentation management system that allows for meta-tagging, document level authorization, and controlled multi-level search capability to ensure documents are viewable to those with the proper rights.
  • Advance File Transfer (“Drag and Drop”) with automatic notification (both to the Owner of the document and Recipient) to ensure all parties understand who is viewing what.
  • Optical Character Read (“OCR”) technology that allows for searching on string and non-string characters such as comments, remarks or pictures made in the margins of a document. Taking vast amounts of written files and digitizing is simple.
  • Built in forensic tracking and reporting system that monitors all actions taken on a particular document – Who has read it. Who has made changes and what were the changes. And, most important, what was the date and time these actions took place.
  • Document repository that can store and retrieve documents, recorded web conferences, and any form of digital media from any source.

These solutions can be operated in a stand-alone environment or used in conjunction with MTC’s integrated CRM, Web-conferencing, Social Business and Project Management Solutions. The future for Compliance Automation is now.