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The phrase “Any Time, Any Where, Any Device” has become synonymous with the adoption of mobile technology. However, truth be told, the euphoria of being able to use your mobile devices to effectively work remote has not materialized much beyond email capability. The reasons are many – data privacy issues, too many platforms/browser that do not talk, expense/limitations of the mobile devices and the cost to maintain a mobile infrastructure. The great news is that MTC’s 100% cloud-based architecture and proprietary security technology allows MTC to be the only collaboration provider that can fully address all of these issues. The timing could not be better as tablets become more advanced and the cost has dramatically dropped. Studies on remote employees have show a 14%-18% improvement in productivity versus office employees, and the cost savings from streamline business operations are significant. Now is the time for companies to seriously assess their mobile strategy.

Here are a few ways MTC can help:

  • MY Security allows a remote employee to have a unique military-grade secure platform (called Invisible e-Token) that is specific to the device and thus addresses data privacy issues.
  • MTC cloud architecture works on any browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, FireFox and Safari) and on any platform (Windows, iOS, MAC OS, Linux, Android and Java) and anywhere in the world (available in 8 languages) so remote employees do not have to worry about connectivity.
  • MTC can configure any tablet (iOS, Android, Kindle Fire, Windows and HTML) to become a fully-functioning remote office with its own phone, e-mail, document management, web-conferencing and social business portal. Yes off a single tablet. No need for a mobile phone.
  • Take full advantage of built-in voice-over-IP technology and eliminate the costs of maintaining costly WebEx and telephony plans.

Mobile technology can level the playing field against your competition because it will allow for a more nimble, customer-focus organization that will be more effective and efficient. MTC is proud to deliver the “Any Time, Any Where, Any Device” Remote Office.