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Every industry has its own vernacular, processes, issues and key business drivers. Each company within an industry will have its own unique ways of doing business which differentiates itself from the competition. That is why MTC is committed to providing specific industry solutions that will help you tackle pain points specific to them. Also, MTC has seen a lack of solution innovation that focuses on transforming an industry. As a leading technology innovator, MTC wants to partner with you to execute game-changing transformations. Below are some solutions available today that represent a fraction of what MTC can do.

The following situations can only happen due to MTC’s proprietary secure token-less 2 factor authentication capability.
  • A patient arrives in the emergency room, and the attending doctor carrying a tablet pulls up the records noticing the Primary Care Physician is Dr. Smith. So, via MY Web Conferences, attending doctor conferences in Dr. Smith on his tablet (Dr. Smith is at the beach) to show the patient’s injury, discuss treatments and review records.
  • An attorney is in a deposition, and hears something that triggers a thought concerning a certain document. Using MY Documents from the attorney’s tablet, the complete case file (stored remotely) is searched and the hand-written comment on an email is found.
  • A University is launching a new on-line course and wants a single platform to conduct the course. Using MY MeetingsMY Web Conferences and Projects, the entire class can participate in White-Board presentations; engage in discussions and record classes for future review. And, when test time comes, ensure only an approved device is used to for the final exam.
  • A Life Sciences company is in the middle of Phase III Clinical Trial and monitoring data from 100 sources. Utilizing MY Sales Arsenal (CRM) and MY Documents (which includes the forensic monitoring system), the company can be confident to control the reporting, monitor progress on submissions and generate reports summarizing the data.
  • A Financial Service company is starting a new Home Equity Loan program. Using existing and new databases, an e-marketing campaign (MY Campaigns) is launched, interest is immediately followed up on MY Sales Arsenal (CRM), the documentation process is closely managed (MY Documents and Projects) until the final closing meeting is remotely held (MY Web Conferences).